Regenerative housing solutions for Australia’s most pressing social, environmental and economic challenges.

Bloom Collective seeks to change how we create communities.

We combine regenerative housing developments with socially informed design to create environmentally driven, affordable and inclusive communities. We collaborate with individuals and community partners to ensure our housing options directly reflect the needs of Australians. We seek people who are ready to be part of co-creating a community, re-imagining what home is and collectively designing an inclusive and connected way of life.

The Challenges

Combatting these challenges is central to all Bloom projects. The future of Australia’s environment and communities hinges on the action we take now.

  • Climate change
  • Population growth
  • Social exclusion
  • Housing affordability

How we operate

We streamline legal and financial processes throughout design, development, construction and operation. Our vision is to be a benchmark for social, environmental and financial innovation.


Create innovative finance models that increase accessibility in the Australian housing market.

Design & Development

Our designs are informed by experience and collaboration.


Innovative methods that reflect the potential of modern technology and the needs of a changing world.


We provide infrastructure that empowers community led housing.

Social design thinking

Our design is informed by collaboration and research. We search for synergies between individuals, community partners and government resources to create innovative solutions that optimise our potential as a community. Diversity and inclusion are central to the Bloom housing models.

Advanced manufacturing & technology

We seek to be at the forefront of new building technologies and construction methods. Advanced manufacturing and prefabrication processes increase efficiency, save time and money, while reducing environmental impact. Prefabrication also allows for increased levels of quality control and safety, delivering benchmark construction standards.


Climate change is altering the way we live, work, and play. We facilitate regenerative lifestyles for people in a wide range of circumstances. Our projects are carbon neutral in construction and operation, a benchmark we are always looking to improve.


Housing can either foster or isolate communities. We provide the framework and infrastructure necessary for individuals to flourish within a larger community. In doing so, we create a space focused on shared values. We seek community members who are ready to take responsibility for themselves, the environment, and the community in which they live.


Every person has the right to a dignified standard of living. We provide housing that is safe, secure and affordable. Affordable housing must be accessible in all locations.

Let's Chat!

We are always looking for collaboration, ideas and those who are ready to take responsibility for themselves, the environment, and the community in which they live. Get in touch:

Our Office

Level 1, 11 Lonsdale St Braddon\ ACT 2612 Australia