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Meet the Team


Jackson Dannock

Jackson is a Churchill Fellow specialising in co-living and prefabrication. He is an experienced builder, recently completing a job as the construction manager at the ANU Kambri redevelopment, where he gained extensive experience with CLT and Glulam, both examples of mass engineered timber materials. He has also recently acted as construction manager at the Wallinga Park Equestrian Centre in NSW. Jackson’s passions are in advanced and lean manufacturing and the applications of these processes within SDA and co-living sectors. He has been involved in the disability sphere for many years and is an NDIS provider for SDA. He has extensive knowledge and broad networks within this space. Together with Matt Fletcher he founded BARE Design – a company specialising in off-grid regeneratively designed cabins, constructed using prefabrication processes.


Matt Fletcher

Matt is the co-founder of both BLOOM COLLECTIVE and BARE Design. He is passionate about creating tangible solutions to support accessible housing and developing models that actually work for people. Formerly the Project Director at EcoHaus (a company specialising in development and construction using CLT) Matt has a Masters in Urban Planning and Environment from RMIT, where he specialised in social and affordable housing models and alternative housing concepts. Matt has also worked as a Project Manager at Dionysus, a cultural development and event management company where he gained extensive experience in creating places and communities. Whilst completing his studies, Matt worked as a consultant at an urban planning firm that examines how big-picture ideas are played out on a micro scale.